Slow Motion Rider is Alan Stone (Vocals, guitar, and organ drones), Sergio Romero (Drums), Blake Kennedy (Bass guitar).

Slow Motion Rider can take you places. This heavy psych trio has created a strong identity of powerful musicianship, taking it all back to its roots and giving it all they can. Hailing from the LA circuit – renown for groovy carefree parties and a strong sense of community, their live shows are raw and full of energy. Having a number of influences in their DNA, you will think of Spacemen 3 and the pure blood of The Doors and Hendrix. Talented with their ability to get into a groove and even riff without over indulgence, these songs will have you hooked and truly take you back to the times when rock and roll was straightforward and honest. With a release amongst the stellar lineup of The Committee To Keep Music Evil that includes The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Dead Meadow and more, they are already poised to move up in the community and bring a new consciousness to it all at once. From a trek through the California deserts all the way to the deep reaches of our universe these vibes are transcendent.

The debut album was recorded and coproduced by Rob Campanella of The Brian Jonestown Massacre at The Committee To Keep Music Evil Headquarters and is available now.